The Blue Lagoon Relaxing!

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        I come from a traveling family, before the #wanderlust and #traveladdict  was a thing . My father took pride in planning our family vacations across the country and around the world. He always said,​

 “Traveling is the education that books can’t teach you!”

That always stuck with me. Fast forward 20 years, and my love of traveling has grown​.​ I have a greater appreciation of what my father has taught me. I became interested in traveling to Iceland, because,  while I was student teaching in Mrs. T class​, s​he taught a science unit on the Northern Lights. Mrs.T read the story of Aurora, A Tale of The Northern Lights! She explained all the places where Northern lights could be seen and Iceland stuck in my mind .

Last year I decided to take the big trip to Reykjavik, Iceland. 

I spent 5 days and ​ 4 nights which wasn’t long enough, but it was an experience of a lifetime. I was in Germany for Octoberfest.​ I thought it would be a nice change in scenery after 4 days of drinking German beer and partying to visit Iceland and it is only 3hrs away by plane . It was also a cheap flight.

I chose​ to fly  ICELANDAIR to Reykjavik,Iceland. I stayed at Kerno Apartments, which was centrally located to all the main tourist attractions . When booking most of the tours, there is a dropdown menu of a listing of  hotels.  I advise for you to choose a hotel from the list, it makes pickup and drop-off  to a and from the tours easier.

Through my research and talking to others who visited Iceland before me. I was able to plan a short  trip which was full of adventure!

Traveling to and from the airport I used the

​ Gray Line: (Transportation and Tours). If you use a cab it will be really expensive  ​(​about  $116 US)​ compared to taking the bus for $17 dollars.


​ ​

Northern Lights Tour booked on Viator for $64 USD​.

T​here are different variations of this tour​.​ Northern Lights are VERY spontaneous and there is a chance that you might not see them.​ If the Northern Lights do not show that night or if it’s bad weather, they will let you reschedule for the next day. Dress Extra warm! ​Iceland nights are cold! ​I was lucky enough to see the Northern Lights on the tour and one night while walking home from dinner​. It was as a clear cold night , and the Northern lights appeared magically!


I visited The Blue Lagoon: I booked the​ ​Blue Lagoon Luxury package through the Blue Lagoon . I highly recommend​.​  The price at time was $195 per person !     It’s totally worth it for the extra amenities, they supply you with a robe and  flip fops ( which you keep) You have a private changing room, that has a shower. Complimentary fruit cookies and  champagne and a romantic fireplace,  along with your own private wait staff, as well as a private entrance into the Blue Lagoon waters . As a keepsake you are given a small travelbag with lotion and face scrub . I wanted to deal directly with the Blue Lagoon, because I had a lot of questions  so I booked my package on their website,  but there are a lot companies that have packages..​​ 


The ATV and Golden Circle Tour with Waterfall for about $250 per person. It is an ALL DAY tour. Dress warm but very comfortable. I booked the tour through
This tour c​ombined The famous Golden Circle with a quad biking. ​The Golden Circle features three of the most important and well-loved sites in Icelandic nature and history: Gullfoss, Geysir and Thingvellir national .

Street art (Graffiti) self guided tour. As a mural lover I usually research any Graffiti tours, in most countries I visit, I came across the following article which gives a map of the street art in Downtown Reykjavik ! The street art is a collaboration between Wall Poetry and  Iceland Airwaves. A lot of the murals were easily spotted around Own town Reykjavik

Famous Sights you can see in Iceland​:​

 Downtown Reykjahvik

The Big Church  Hallgrimskirka

Icelandic Phallological Museum

Sun Voyager sculpture

Harpa Concert Hall

Go to  Laugavegur, it’s were  a lot of the  shops and restaurants are! Try an  Icelandic Hotdogs!

For clubbing:

GO TO PRIKID! It’s a hip hop bar, and they PARTY!  PRIKID is also great for lunch they have good burgers.

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